I was born in Siena, a place that actually seems to be one of the most beautiful place to get married. And now, that I am an Siena wedding photographer, I can say that I’m very lucky person, because I do and I love the job I would ever do, growing up day by day with my immense passion for telling the different love stories of the people that choose me as their voiceover of their most lovely day.

Moreover, I know very well my land and all the wonderful views that it can incredibly offers, like Chianti and all the most interesting place you can choose as your wedding destination in Tuscany: San Galgano Abbey, Firenze, Sangimignano, Montalcino, Montepulciano and Cortona, in the south of Tuscany.  So, I will be happy to help you to choose your ideal wedding, engagement, elopement, or wedding proposal location. Over the years, I have learned to consider wedding photography as a real art form and I think I have now reached a quite personal and exclusive approach to this kind of photography.  I’m very careful to capture each single moments that the other people doesn’t see, with a very intimate and romantic approach to the wedding couple. Moreover I love telling about each kind of love, in not traditional way but sometimes, breaking the rules! I love joy and tears, large open spaces and some little chapels in the sienese countryside, beautiful sunset and also the rain that falling down, the bride’s shoes and each emotional details that make me take a unique and unforgettable picture. Stylistically I am a lover of natural light so I use to work with very bright optics, which allow me to minimize the use of the flash. Moreover I tell my stories following the style of reportage, working with wide-angle lenses that allow me to better telling about the choral nature of an event like a wedding. Actually I’m working as a photographer in Tuscany, between Siena and Florence, but I’m available wordwide, because travelling around the world meeting interesting people is what makes me loves my crazy job.

I realize wedding photo service, engagement and elopement photo session, couple and family portrait, helping you to keep the most lovely memories! So, if you are looking for a unique Siena wedding photographer service, I will be proud to tell your story, cause my goal is to make your tuscan experience truly unique and unforgettable. Take a look to my works and if you like my style, please contact me, I’ll be your personal wedding photographer in Tuscany!

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