Destination Wedding in Tuscany | ♥ Kristy + Weaver ♥

Destination Wedding in Tuscany | ♥ Kristy + Weaver ♥
Data | 4 ottobre 2018
Reception | Castello di Vincigliata, Fiesole - Firenze (Tuscany)
Wedding Planner | Il Cerimoniere - Italian Weddings |
Featuring - Pietro Tonnicodi Fotografo -
Another Beautiful Wedding Day in Florence, in Castello di Vincigliata, a wonderful Location near Fiesole, where the time seems have stopped. A very old castle, which due to its natural and architectural beauty, is the ideal place for receptions and weddings. From the top of the castle it's possible to see all the Florence skyline, for a truly breathtaking view. Kristy and Weaver got married in the biggest garden, on a magnificent evening in early October, with an amazing light! a really beautiful couple, that I was excited to photograph!


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